You can sell your teaching material online, and sell them to anyone visiting our website. You can also redirect your students’ parents here to download material for homeworks or projects. To sell you products online, there is only a couple of steps to follow.

  1. Create a vendor account and fill in your informations.
  2. Customize your store with a profile picture and background photo.
  3. Add your products with images and descriptions.
  4. Go in the Products tab to add more options; select if the product is physical, downloadable or virtual (service).
  5. Choose the subjects of your products with the categories and the level with tags.

After you have created your account and uploaded your material, it will be available to buy for your customers. You can share posts on your social media to bring more people to your store or send them to the website. We will take care of reviewing your products for errors and optimization. We will create ads on our own to promote your work, on our social media and search engines.

Now all you have to do is sell your products and receive your payments in your bank account!

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