You have finished your studies and you are stuck with tons of old books that you will have no use of anymore? Sell them to new students, and make some money while helping a new generation of students save some at the same time!


Here are the steps to follow in order to sell your used books on our site:

  1. Create a vendor account.
  2. Setup your account with your informations.
  3. Customize your account the way you like.
  4. Create your physical products to sell.
  5. Select the Bazar category.

When you sell a book, you will receive an email with the informations of the buyer. You will then have to ship or bring the book(s) to the buyer. We will take care of the invoicing and collecting the money so that you don’t have to manage all that. Once you have sold a book, you will receive your part in your bank account. It’s that simple.


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