Welcome on the website of the new online reference to find digital teaching material, used school books or even cliparts. We are driven by a passion for teaching and wish to provide teachers, parents and students with quality and entertaining resources to promote learning.

Digital material

You can buy exercise books and digital books created by teaching enthusiasts, with a modern and fun visual, with content that meets current standards. These products are created by local people, and you can download them now. Visit the different subjects or search by school year to find what suits you best.

Sell used books

You can sell your used school books to benefit a new generation of students, whether for college or university, or even primary school. In short, sell and buy everything you want to get rid of while making money! You will find used books in the Bazarsection of our site.


Are you looking for Clipartsto enhance your teaching? Or to use in the creation of your own educational material? You can buy cliparts created by our passionate Sellers directly from our site in the Imagessection.

Spread the word

Pedago was created by and for teaching enthusiasts, and for students of all grades. Whether you are the parent of an elementary school student or a university student, you can sell and buy equipment to make studying more enjoyable, easy and up-to-date. Share your interests while making money if you are a Seller, and save money on quality equipment if you are a Buyer. Everybody wins! Spread the word to your loved ones and friends to create a beautiful and large community.

Keep an eye out for news that will be published to announce news on our site, news from the world of education or things to know about Covid-19 and back to school.

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